"Building Effective, Creative, & Quality Web Solutions That Promote Strong Brand Identity"


Our Company

Our Story

Our Story

Who Are We?
We are BE Créatif Quality Web Solutions, a company of creative and quality-minded individuals. BE Créatif Quality Web Solutions, located in Jackson Parish, Louisiana, is proudly operated by two close friends, Everette L. Johnson and Brandi K. Shoemaker. 

Over the years of being friends, we've discovered that we both have strong entrepreneurial-leadership spirits and find tremendous joy in training people on how to improve their lives and develop their businesses. Therefore, we decided to start BE Créatif Quality Web Solutions as a springboard for fulfilling our dreams of transforming lives and growing businesses.

What Do We Sell?
WE DO NOT SELL COOKIE-CUTTER WEBSITES! We specialize in selling effective, creative, and quality web solutions which are custom design websites that promote strong brand identities which ultimately translate into growing and profitable businesses for our clients. We’re fully committed to you and to your project, and our engagement is shown in many ways. We’re as good at communications as we are at technology and business. We listen before we formulate our strategy to fully understand your requirements. We also pay attention to detail, and stay totally engaged, monitoring a project’s progress and consistently testing at appropriate project stages as well as post launch to make sure our solution is functioning well within your business framework.

What Sets Us Apart?
What sets us apart from other companies in this industry is our complete focus on establishing a strong brand identity for our partners and clients. (What is brand identity?) We're dedicated to finding what makes your potential customers want to interact with your website. Whether your business goal for your website is to generate phone calls, receive online quote requests, increase your client database, improve your customer satisfaction rate, or successfully sell your products or services online, we are going to work tirelessly to produce the results you are looking for through promoting a strong brand identity. 


Our Team

Everette L. Johnson

Everette L. Johnson

Hello! I am Everette, the founder of BE Créatif Quality Web Solutions!

I get a true THRILL helping businesses, organizations, and agencies reach their goals and objectives by creating custom design websites and providing solutions that fit their particular needs. 

For me, there's no greater joy in pleasing my clients. I love going above and beyond their expectations.

I believe in providing EXCEPTIONAL service to all my clients through open communication, transparency, great pricing options, and quality work. 
Brandi K. Shoemaker

Brandi K. Shoemaker

As a teacher, I am very motivated when I can help someone with ANYTHING, especially, if it involves teaching. I become very excited when I receive a challenge to work on. 

My immediate plan of action is to get organized and begin making dozens of lists with goals to be completed as quickly as possible.  

Creativity is an outlet for me.  As I have been venturing into the business world, I have learned that I can combine my love for teaching, knack for organization, and zeal for creativity to work with people to create what they like and will work.