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See How Easy

In order for most website owners to update, modify, delete, or edit any content on their websites, they have to find, contact, and hire a web programmer which can be very frustrating, time consuming, and expensive. However, with our easy-to-use content management systems (CMS) that are integrated in all of our websites, anyone regardless of his or her technological background can easy update, modify, delete, or edit photos, images, and text on our custom design websites.

Sample Webpage

Let me demonstrate how easy it is to change content on our CMS websites. I am going to show you step by step how to change the image and content circled in red in the sample webpage below.

Step #1

Login to the secure back office.

Step #2

Once logged in, click on "Posts" located on the left.

Step #3

Under Posts, locate "Social Media" and click on it.

Step #4

Now let's change the text. Under Edit Post, change (1) "Social Media" to "Internet Marketing." Next change (2) "Facebook, Twitter, 
LinkedIn" to "Google Adwords, Youtube Ads, Contextual. (To see the new change in the text, place your mouse over the image below.)

Step #5

Next, let's change the image. Scroll down and at the bottom on the right click on the image.

Step #6

On this page, click on (1) "Choose File" and locate the new image on the computer and double click on it. Next click on (2) "Upload."

Step #7

Once the new image is loaded, scroll down and click on "Insert into Post."

Step #8

After clicking "Insert into Post," this page will appear. To make all the changes live, click on "Update" located on the right side.

Step #9

To view the changes live on the webpage, click on "Preview Changes" located on the upper right side.

See the new changes

In 9 easy steps

In 9 easy steps, I demonstrated how simple it is to change an image and text on our CMS website.
(To view the previous image and text, simple place your mouse over the webpage below.)